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 How to register/login

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High Priest of Divinity - Admin
High Priest of Divinity - Admin

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PostSubject: How to register/login   Sun Jul 12, 2009 2:09 pm

Most of this forum is only visible to people who did register and login here. So here is a short guide of how to do that:

When you are looking at this forum, on top of it, are two buttons. One to register and one to login:

You can click register, then you will get to see this:

Please read it and if you agree, click I agree. It will take you here:

Fill in the information and click save. Wait for the email telling you your account has been activated. One of the admins of this forum has to activate it. Once that has been done, you can login. So click the login button and it will take you here:

Fill in your info, I recommend you also click the box, so you wont have to login every time you want to see the forum. Like this:

Thats all. ^_^

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How to register/login
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