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 The Charter of Divinity

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High Priest of Divinity - Admin
High Priest of Divinity - Admin

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PostSubject: The Charter of Divinity   Fri Nov 14, 2008 9:21 pm

The Charter of Divinity

This document details the principles and bylaws of Divinity Guild. It consists of the Principles Statement and The Code of Conduct. All members please take a moment to review this information - you will be held accountable to these standards and rules.

Principles Statement

Divinity, as the successor of Providence, shares a common foundation of certain key principles. These principles are:

Divinity shall be a guild with strong sense of togetherness and friendship; a family of players who work toward common goals, and enjoy the company of their guildmates.

Divinity shall be committed to the enhancement of the guild as a whole, through the development of levels and skills among all the membership.

Divinity shall be an active contributor to the community outside the guild, and will assist those in need whevever and however it is possible to do so.

Divinity shall strive to become a well known and well respected organization, and members will work toward that goal in whatever ways they can.

Divinity shall be a guild where all members can enjoy their experience, and above all else, have fun being a member of the community.

The Code of Conduct

These are the laws of the guild, designed to uphold order within the guild, and to protect its reputation in the eyes of others. Violations may result in disciplinary actions from the High Priests, up to and including Banishment from the guild. Punishments are decided at the sole discretion of the High Priests.

Disciplinary actions other than Banishment may be imposed by any 1 of the 3 High Priests. If the member feels the punishment is unjustified, he may request that the matter be taken to Counsel, where it will be considered by all 3 High Priests. Decisions made in Counsel are final and may not be appealed.

Banishment of a member requires discussion and concensus by all 3 of the High Priests. Again, the decision is final, and cannot be appealed.

1) The decisions and directions of the High Priests are to be honored at all times

Most decisions regarding the direction and focus of the guild as a whole will be taken to the membership for their input. However, the High Priests hold the right to make decisions without the input of the membership if necessary.

Members of the guild are expected to know and perform the duties of their rank, and to assist the High Priests if called upon. Normally, this will be a request; however, should it become necessary to do so, High Priests may direct a member to perform a specific task.

If a member does not agree with a decision made by the High Priests they have the "Right of 1 response." This means that the member is allowed to make one and only one post in the forum, to make their case against the decision. This response should be a civil and well thought out statement of why the member disagrees with the decision.

2) Respect for all members of the community should be demonstrated at all times

This includes other members of the guild, players outside of the guild, game staff, forum visitors, and any other members of the community you may encounter. Divinity will be a guild that honors and respects all people. The actions of the individual members towards others is a reflection of the values of the guild as a whole.

3) Membership and activity in the forums is required for continued membership

The forum is an integral part of the guild experience. It helps to generate a sense of family and friendship, spreads important information about the guild to members, and serves as a portal where we can all communicate even if we cannot meet in-game.

In keeping with this, as a part of your membership in Divinity you are required to register at this forum, and to maintain some level of activity here. Please note that we are NOT requiring you to post or even visit on a daily basis - we just want to ensure that all members are part of the community, and have access to important information when it comes out.

Forum activity is monitored, and in cases where you must be inactive in-game due to unforseen circumstances, activity on the forum will allow you to maintain your membership.

4) Activity in-game is required for continued membership

Being active in the game is one of the most important aspects to guild membership. As such, you are required to keep an active presence in the game to maintain your membership in Divinity.

Please note - we are not requiring you to be in game every day, for hours on end. We all have lives and responsibilities that we must honor. However, if you only log on once a month for a couple of hours, your activity level is simply too low for you to make contributions to the guild as a whole.

In cases where you must be absent for a period of time, planned or unplanned, please take a moment to let us know by posting in the forum. Similarly, should you decide to leave the guild, or discontinue playing, please take just a moment to let us know that as well.

If you are not seen in game or logged into the forums for 2 weeks, you will be sent an email notification and noted as inactive. If you do not respond or log into the game or the forum within 2 weeks of the notification, you will be removed from the guild without further notice. If you return after that time and wish to re-enter the guild, you may petition the High Priests for re-entry. This may or may not be granted, depending on the circumstances of your absence.

5) Internal conflicts will be resolved within the guild whenever possible

Even within the strongest of families there will occasionally be conflicts. Members are encouraged to try and resolve conflicts between themselves in a manner that is acceptable and fair to all parties. However, in cases where this cannot be accomplished the members may seek out one of the Elected ranks of the guild for mediation of the dispute.

Internal disputes should first be taken to a Natant Acolyte. If there is none available, the next contact will be the Cardinal of the East. If the Cardinal of the East is not available, the matter may be taken to any of the High Priests. Decisions made by any of these ranks are expected to be honored, however, if one party feels the decision is truly unjust, they may appeal to the next higher rank. Decisions made by one High Priest can only be appealed by taking the matter to Counsel to be considered by all 3 High Priests.

In the rare instance where a member still feels the decision is unjust, he may elect to seek mediation outside the guild by the game staff. The decision for staff to intervene is at their sole discretion, but if they elect to mediate the matter, their decision will be honored.

6) Divinity members will refrain from involvement in outside conflicts

Divinity members are not to cause or become parties in conflicts of any kind between other members of the community, other guilds, staff, etc. In particular, public statements for or against parties involved in a dispute, and instigation of disputes in any form, are frowned upon heavily by the High Priests. This area is the purview of the GSs and GMs. This type of behavior can be very damaging to the reputation of the guild and will not be tolerated.

7) Violations of instructions or rules imposed by the staff, or violations of the ToS will not be tolerated

The actions of the members reflect on the character of the guild as a whole, so this regulation holds the utmost importance. The rules and the Terms of Service are in place to ensure the enjoyment of all players. The members of Divinity should share that sentiment. As such, any proven violation of these rules is cause for immediate and permanent Banishment. Likewise, if any member is investigated and disciplined by the staff for a violation, they are also subject to Banishment.

In addition, complaints from GSs or GMs concerning player conduct are also subject to discipline. This includes but is not limited to spamming in general chat, ignoring instructions from the staff, illegal levelling practices, and illicit or questionable activities of any kind.

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The Charter of Divinity
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